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Application of titanium wire

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Pure titanium is a silvery white metal, which has many excellent properties.

Application of titanium wire

Pure titanium is a silvery white metal, which has many excellent properties. The density of titanium is 4.54g/cm3, 43% lighter than steel and slightly heavier than the famous light metal magnesium. The mechanical strength is similar to that of steel phase, twice that of aluminum and five times that of magnesium. Titanium has high temperature resistance, melting point 1942k, nearly 1000K higher than gold and nearly 500K higher than steel.

Classification of titanium wires

Titanium wire is divided into: titanium wire, titanium alloy wire, pure titanium glasses wire, titanium straight wire, pure titanium wire, titanium welding wire, titanium hanger wire, titanium disc wire, titanium bright wire, medical titanium wire and titanium nickel alloy wire.

Specification of titanium wire

A. Titanium wire specification: φ 0.8- φ 6.0mm

B. Specification of titanium wire for glasses: φ 1.0- φ 6.0mm special titanium wire

C. Titanium wire specification: φ 0.2- φ Special for 8.0mm hanger

Main standards of titanium wire


Brand of titanium wire

TA0,TA1,TA2,TA3,TA4,TA5,TA6,TA7,TA9,TA10,TC1,TC2,TC3,TC4,TC6,TC11,GR1,GR2,GR3,GR5 Ti6AL4V ELI,Ti6AL7Nb,Ti13Nb13Zr,Ti1533

State of titanium wire

Annealing state (m) hot working state (R) cold working state (y) (annealing, ultrasonic flaw detection)

Surface of titanium wire

Pickling surface bright surface

Application of titanium wire

Military, medical, sporting goods, glasses, earrings, headwear, electroplating hanger, welding wire and other industries.